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Poultry Bazaar, an Egg trading firm in Delhi, is a leader provider of Poultry Rates & Business Directory all over India.

About us

Egg Trading

We have a history of running the egg & poultry trading business across northern India for ages. Our family has been involved in the poultry farming, wholesale egg trading and related business since 1970. We have observed that there is a lack of transparency in the market regarding the pricing of eggs, broiler and feed ingredients etc. This website is a small initiative aimed at helping poultry farmers & traders by providing them daily market rates for eggs and other poultry products. We believe that providing daily poultry rates & updates will help both the small-scale and big-scale poultry farmers & traders to run their business more efficiently and hence will increase their profitability.

Poultry Bazaar is one of the leading Poultry Rate SMS provider in India.

Poultry Trading

The one and only motive of POULTRY BAZAAR is to promote fair trade practices in the industry and provide equal benefit to the Poultry Farmers as well as the Poultry Traders by providing them time-to-time information of the fluctuating rates, moreover by providing them the Actual Market position through SMS.

However, these daily market rates & updates will depend upon the demand/supply phenomenon and will be as per the prevailing market conditions which are subject to change anytime due to economic fluctuations. The predictions will be estimated according to the market information collected from poultry fraternity, thereby meaning that the information would be true to the best of our knowledge, understanding & study of the market conditions. Hence forth, we do not and would not in anyway take any responsibility of a profit/loss (if any) occurring to any poultry farmers & traders due to these rates. The poultry farmers & traders are sincerely advised to use their own business logic while doing any trade (sale or purchase) based on these rates. These rates are indicative and subjective of market conditions, and hence may change without prior notice due to any economic fluctuations in the market.

We sincerely hope that the entire poultry community will benefit from this and will appreciate our initiative & take it in the positive spirit. Any suggestions to improve this effort are welcomed and will be highly appreciated!


Our manpower includes industry’s leading professionals who follow standard business ethics into their respective domains which help our organization to imprint better image into the market. It is our distinguished quality centric approach which wins us hundreds of new customers every year. Our timely delivery of services makes us the leader throughout the Industry and helps us strengthening our ever-increasing customer base.


To become the most sought information providing portal in the Indian Poultry Industry by 2020.


Strengthen our services to provide ample knowledge and information to our clients and facilitate as a guide for a logic based decision making

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