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Broiler Rates Punjab (Daily Rate Sheet) is a platform which provides daily updates of the broiler rates in Punjab and its various regions to the registered clients. It provides the list of chicken rates on a daily and monthly basis to its users through SMS. The poultry rates are provided for a number of regions of Punjab. The broiler prices provided through SMS are also displayed on the website and the mobile app. The rates of the broiler are the most accurate, reliable and ensure fair trade practices in the poultry industry.

Poultry farming is increasing day-to-day as there is an increasing demand for poultry and poultry products. As there is a growing demand for broiler chicken in all regions, the poultry farmers should do continuous poultry marketing. During the continuous and demanded poultry marketing, the poultry farmers should know the poultry rate for all types of poultry and all regions.

The poultry price changes for various regions based on the environmental condition and demand for the poultry. Different companies declare different poultry rates daily. Most commonly, chicken prices per kg are declared by the poultry associations, Suguna, and Venkeys. Suguna and Venkeys are the leading poultry processing company which declares the entire poultry rate.

Punjab is a developing poultry economic country that has nearly 200 poultry farms. The poultry farmer of Punjab tries to improve the poultry business and yield high profit without loss. To help the poultry farmers of Punjab, Poultry Bazaar helps by providing the Punjab broiler rate. Poultry Bazaar provides the poultry rates today for all regions of Punjab.

The poultry farms are situated in all Punjab regions, and the broiler rate in Ludhiana may vary from region-to-region. So the Poultry Bazaar provides the poultry price in Punjab and all regions like Ludhiana, Patiala, Pathankot, Moga, Hoshiarpur, etc. Poultry bazaar provides both the Suguna broiler rates and Venkys chicken rates in Punjab based on the presence of the company in that region. 

The users can select the year and month to view the daily rate sheet for Punjab. This option helps the users to view the poultry rate for any month or any year. The daily rate sheet contains the daily Punjab broiler rate in a table. The table format helps the poultry farmers and traders understand the murga rates per kg easily without fluctuation. The Company name that declares the broiler rate in Punjab is also mentioned near the region name for better understanding.

The broiler price Punjab is provided for large chicken per kg. The Poultry Bazaar also provides the average of daily chicken rates to analyze the poultry rate for development. Suguna chicken prices may vary from Venkys poultry prices in Punjab due to the quality of the poultry. So the poultry traders, poultry farmers, and customers can analyze and market or buy the poultry for the specific company to yield high profit.

The users can register to the Poultry Bazaar and get the immediate and accurate rate through SMS. The Poultry Bazaar sends the murga mandi prices today to the registered number without any fluctuation. Poultry Bazaar also provides the Punjab murga mandi rates today to get the accurate poultry rate nearby. Ludhiana region is one of the leading poultry farms in Punjab.

So the Poultry Bazaar provides the chicken prices per kg in Ludhiana. To help the customers of Ludhiana, Poultry Bazaar provides the mandi price Ludhiana. The broiler price Patiala is provided with Suguna and Venkeys to analyze the better price and yield high profit.

Major Cities Covered by Poultry Bazaar: Barnala, Batala, Dasuya, Garhshankar, Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Jammu, Ludhiana. Mahilpur, Mansa, Moga, Nawanshahr, Pathankot, Patiala, Samrala, Sangrur, etc.

Company: Venkys & Suguna

Price: Large (per kg)

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