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Broiler Rates Assam (Daily Rate Sheet)

Poultry Bazaar is a website which provides broiler rate in Assam to its registered clients on a daily basis. Daily chicken rates are provided to subscribed users through SMS by Poultry Bazaar. The website Poultry Bazaar is also updated every day with the latest broiler price per kg

List of chicken prices for various regions of Assam like Raha, Mirza, Abhayapuri, Viswanath Chariyali, Golaghat, Jagi road, etc is also provided. Poultry Bazaar provide updates about Assam broiler rates on a daily as well as monthly basis and the rates are authentic & true that provide huge benefits to the farmers.. 

The State of Assam has a population who majorly eats non-vegetarian food. Hence, they require a continuous supply of poultry and eggs. The broiler chicken price in Assam has shot up tremendously. 

Non-vegetarians residing in the northeastern region who enjoy eating broiler, dressed, and undressed chicken now have to let go of their consumption level, as the broiler prices are skyrocketing. The rate of the dressed chicken meat per kilogram has precipitously gone up at various outlets.

The price of a kilo of dressed chicken, as per government prices as of October 12, was Rs. 265 and undressed chicken Rs 175. Earlier, in various markets of Assam, the dressed broiler chicken's price was 190-200 per kilo, but now the price has shot up to Rs 330-340, and the list of chicken prices per kg are fluctuating even today.

There is no clarity about the exact poultry price and eggs around the state, which leads to an unorganized and inefficient marketing system. Although the Indian poultry industry has shown substantial growth due to modern methods of poultry farming, a major section of the industry still suffers from some basic issues. 

The farmers of that region find extreme difficulty in finding out the exact cost of today's Broiler rates. Lack of knowledge about the hen prices leads the farmers to face difficulties in their day-to-day life. But with the help of Poultry Bazaar that problem can be solved. 

Major Cities Covered by Poultry Bazaar- Abhayapuri, Biswantah Chariali, Bokajan, Golaghat, Jagiroad, Kaliabor, Mangaldai, Mirza, Pathsala, Raha, Sarthebari

Company: Shalimar

Price: Large (per kg)


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