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Broiler Rates Haryana (Monthly Rate Sheet)

Poultry Bazaar supplies average monthly broiler rates. These list of chicken prices per kg is provided to the poultry traders and farmers through SMS alerts. The monthly poultry rates are dependent on daily broiler rates. The average monthly broiler prices provided are secure, trustworthy, and accurate. The monthly rates are given for all the months from January to December. 

Poultry Bazaar is the platform that is keen on helping the poultry farmers by providing the poultry market rates. Haryana has a high demand for poultry and poultry products. Skylark poultry, situated in Haryana, started its poultry business with 1000 broiler breeds.

Now skylark poultry farm is one of the largest poultry farms in Asia. Poultry Bazaar also provides the skylark poultry rates, feed rates, Haryana murga mandi rates, etc. Poultry Bazaar provides a separate link for various poultry products, etc. The search option for the year, month, and region helps the farmers search and view the Haryana mandi rates based on the users' wish.

Poultry Bazaar website provides the monthly rate sheet by providing the poultry market rates at the end of each month. Monthly broiler rates in Haryana can be viewed on the  website. The farmers tend to know the true and accurate poultry rate to analyze the increase or decrease in the broiler rates per kg.

These accurate Venkys broiler rate helps the farmers manage poultry farms and analyze the various factors for the high yield. The entrepreneur who wishes to start the poultry farms can analyze the factors, region, and the month for high yield. This website also provides the feed rate and chick rates, which helps the entrepreneur know the true price.

The poultry price per kg is provided by Poultry Bazaar on monthly basis. The murga mandi Haryana is one of the top poultry markets in Haryana. Poultry Bazaar provides the skylark murga mandi rate, which helps the local customer to buy the poultry at an accurate rate. Poultry Bazaar help both the poultry farmers and the customers yield profit through its accuracy and service.

Major Cities Covered by Poultry Bazaar are- Ambala, Hansi, Hisar, Karnal, Safidon

Company: Venkys and Skylark

Price: Large (per kg)

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