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Broiler Rates Jharkhand (Monthly Rate Sheet) Image

Broiler Rates Jharkhand (Monthly Rate Sheet)

Average monthly rates are provided by Poultry Bazaar to poultry traders and farmers. The average monthly broiler rates are provided for all the 12 months. Poultry Bazaar offers average monthly poultry prices of different regions like Bokaro, Ranchi, Jamshedpur, etc. It provides the list of broiler prices per kg on its website and the mobile app. The updates about the monthly chicken rates as well as daily chicken prices are given through SMS alerts to its subscribed users.

Jharkhand has a high poultry demand, by the poultry production does not meet the demand. Jharkhand Women’s Self Supporting Poultry Federation takes a step to improve poultry farming in Jharkhand. To help the farmers and consumers update them about the poultry information for improvement, the Poultry Bazaar creates a trustworthy website that provides all poultry information.

Poultry Bazaar provides the monthly poultry rates in Jharkhand to analyze chicken price monthly for various regions of Jharkhand. Murga rate in Jharkhand from January to December can be viewed in Poultry Bazaar for every year. The Poultry Bazaar provides an option to select the month & view the monthly rate sheet for every year.

The monthly rate sheet contains the Suguna broiler price per kg for various regions of Jharkhand. The monthly rate sheet is updated at the end of each month with accuracy, and the average murga price is calculated for each region with the help of monthly broiler rate in Jharkhand. The average of the monthly rate sheet provides the analysis of the poultry rate for the year. This analysis helps the poultry farmers to increase poultry production.

The rate of murga may vary based on the various environmental conditions, demand for poultry products, and poultry quality. The Poultry Bazaar helps the poultry farmers and helps the consumers know the poultry rates per kg in Ranchi for buying the poultry products with the accurate and true market rate. The Poultry Bazaar helps both the poultry farmers and consumers to yield profit.

The update through SMS feature helps to reduce the frequent visit to the website and get the information offline. The Poultry Bazaar gives the immediate alert about the chicken price per kg in Bokaro. The poultry farmers can refer to the Poultry Bazaar for poultry rates per kg before marketing to yield a profit. The average monthly broiler rates in Jharkhand ranges from 85 to 90.

Various Cities covered by Poultry Bazaar- Barhi, Bokaro, Hazaribagh, Jamshedpur, Ranchi

Company- Suguna

Price- Large (Per Kg)

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