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Delhi Murga Market (Monthly Rate Sheet)

Average monthly rates prevailing in the Delhi Murga market are provided by Poultry Bazaar to its registered users. The monthly murga mandi rates in Delhi are provided through SMS alerts. Average monthly rates are dependent on daily rates

Delhi is one of the leading poultry farming regions in India. Most entrepreneurs in Delhi choose the poultry farming business to yield high profits quickly due to the increased demand for poultry products. The Delhi Murga market may vary from region to region and for different parts of the poultry. The poultry farmers find it difficult to get updated to the monthly chicken price Delhi due to the rate fluctuations.

There may be an increase or decrease in the poultry rate monthly. To sort this Poultry Bazaar, provides the monthly rate sheet for murga price in Delhi. This monthly poultry rate sheet helps the farmers to compare the list of poultry prices monthly. Poultry Bazaar monthly rate sheet contains the list of general poultry price Delhi for all months starting from January to December. The monthly Delhi murga mandi price provided by the Poultry Bazaar is given in per kg for small, large, extralarge, tandoori, etc.

The layer chicken price is provided per 20 pieces. Poultry Bazaar murga price in Delhi is provided for all the chicken parts and the restaurant chicken price like a Lolypop, Tangri, etc. The average monthly chicken rates are also provided in the Poultry Bazaar for the analysis of the average chicken price for the selected year. Poultry Bazaar gives the option to view the average monthly broiler rates for the specific year. The monthly rate sheet is given in the table format for a clear view of the chicken mandi rate in Delhi. 

Poultry Bazaar provides the average monthly murga rate for all the Delhi Murga market. There is more than 100 Thok market in Delhi. Poultry Bazaar help all the Thok market in Delhi by providing accurate desi hen price per piece. The Poultry Bazaar also provides the dressed chicken rates for the viewers. The poultry farmers can register at the Poultry Bazaar to get the average monthly broiler rates through SMS. The Poultry Bazaar sends the poultry information to the user’s registered number.

The consumers also seek to know the chicken mandi rate of Delhi to buy the chicken at the true cost. The average monthly Delhi poultry rates analysis helps for the development of the poultry business in Delhi. The dressed chicken rates are high when compared to the general chicken rates. These analyses also help the poultry farmers to market the specific part of the poultry for a high yield. The general poultry price Delhi is provided monthly for the welfare and development of the poultry farmers, restaurants, consumers, etc. to bargain the poultry and its products at the Delhi Murga market rate.

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